How to Run a Successful 1600m Run

Hoping to set a PR (personal record) for your next 1600m run? Follow these tips to find out how to run faster, stronger, and for longer!

Lap 1: Focus on setting the pace and not getting out too fast– listen to your body and look at the person in front of you. Try to draw yourself closer to them.

Lap 2: The second lap is all about maintaining the time you set for the first lap. You’re almost at the half-way mark, so expect to start fighting to keep it up come lap 3. If you ran a 1:20 for the first lap, try hitting betwen 1:20-1:25 for the second lap. Don’t get discouraged if you’re not there, but instead, tell yourself that you really need to work to run negative splits for the next lap or two.

Lap 3: You’ve probably already heard it: the third lap of a 1600m run is the hardest. You’re likely to get tired or fatigued, so try to fight past it. Doing speed work/interval workouts will help you gain the endurance and speed to keep it up. I recommend 800-1600m repeats. However, if you’re focusing solely on speed, take a shorter distance (400m-800m) .

Lap 4: Let it all out! This is the final lap and you should be not only focusing on catching other runners but also running it harder and faster than the 3rd lap. You’re almost finished, so try to close it off well. Don’t mind using the finish line as motivation. Start sprinting/kicking from the 200m mark of the last lap.

Hopefully, these tips will help you gauge how you want to run your next 1600m run!


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