Tips for XC Interval Work

(Not listed in order of importance)

1) Do NOT get discouraged if you struggle to keep up with your running group. Stay positive and remember that even if you’re not running with anyone else, you’re still racing against the urge to stop or slow down.

2) Do NOT afraid of getting out of your comfort zone. Take advantage of the work-out by breaking through any mental barriers, and it’ll pay you back during your races.

3) Do NOT verbalize any negative thoughts/emotions.

4) Remember that every work-out is another chance for you to get faster. If you don’t want to run your current 5k/10k/etc. time any more, act like it.

5) Do NOT excessively inhale oxygen. Too much O2 translates to a higher heart-rate, body temperature, and perceived effort.

6) Reminder-to-self: exhaustion is 10% perception; and pain is merely a state-of-mind

7) Imagine yourself doing well. This will inch you closer to making your imagination a reality.

8) Do remind yourself: the biggest mistake an athlete can make is to be afraid of making one.

9) Keep in mind that your coaches/family/friends believe in you and want you to do well.


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