Cold Weather Running Tips

Autumn has arrived, and it’s time to get ready for the colder weather! We can already hear the rustle of leaves, but how about the zipping of jackets? Here are some tips to gear up and prepare for the weather!

1) Protect your face, head, and extremities. Wind increases the effects of cold weather. Prevent weather-related illnesses by keeping yourself covered.

2) Spend more time warming up. Not warming up well could cause you to pull a muscle. Also, add on extra warm up time so your legs can achieve a greater range of motion.

3) Hydrate, hydrate, hyrdrate. Many people forget to stay hyrated as summer starts to close out. However, you’re still sweating, so make sure to help your body retain those vital fluids.

4) Know the signs of hypothermia and frostbite. Hypothermia occurs when the body falls below 95degrees (farenheit). It can cause uncontrollable shivering and confusion. Frostbite occurs when circulation is limited to the extremities (look back at tip #1). Make sure to listen to your body.

5) Know and respect your limits. Do not force the pace because cold weather restricts proper blood flow to your muscles. Stay within your limits to protect yourself from pulling a muscle.

6) Have extra clothing to keep you warm after a race in cold weather. Wet clothing can steal your body temperature, so make sure to change as soon as you’re done with your run/race. This will prevent weather-related illnesses.

7) Shorten your stride when running on wet surfaces. Pay attention to your footing in order to prevent slipping.

8) Wear moisture-wicking clothing. This will help prevent the body from losing heat due to wet clothing. If you’re wearing a cotton t-shirt, make sure to change immediately after your run.

9) Try to run mid-day instead of late at night or early in the morning. Running outside when the temperature is warmest will help keep you warm and get the most out of your run.

10) Wear a scarf around your nose and mouth to prevent cold-induced asthma. Breathing in cold air can not only take away from the joy of running but also stimulate cold weather induced asthma.


One thought on “Cold Weather Running Tips

  1. I absolutely loved this post: you clearly speak to a specialized audience, and you achieve a clear purpose of instruction while adapting perspective to a relevant time-frame. I’m taking this to heart as I begin distance-running in November.


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