VHSL Conference Championships are here!

It’s that time of year again! Tomorrow at Burke Lake Park, spectators and runners will be able to hear the clicking of cross-country spikes on the course’s pavement; as athletes will be fighting to make it to regionals. Which schools will rise to the top? We’ll find out soon, but here’s a quick preview of how high-school sports teams have been doing so far this season.

1) James Madison

Madison’s Amanda Swaak still stands as a national elite and is able to run a 5k in 18minutes; according to milestat.com. Overall, the team has been doing well and has won a few quad meets against teams, such as: Langley, Fairfax, South Lakes, etc.

2) Langley

Langley has a strong and fast varsity team; though they don’t run in most, if not all, quad meets. Their varsity team will help the JV-team reach the heights they have reached.

3) Hayfield

Last season, Hayfield hopes to make a stronger showing this year; as the team has been doing their best to work their way up within the conference. Athletes have run PRs (personal records), and they look forward to running their fastest times yet. For boys, a time of sub-17 minutes will most likely ensure a spot in the regional meet in early November. For girls, a time of low 19minutes, or even below, will push them to the next meet.

The 2.98 mile course waits ahead, as we anticipate this competitive race of high-school athletes. Only the top four (out of eight) teams will move onto regionals; but athletes can make it individually by placing in the top 15.





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