Hill Running Tips

Running hills is a great way to build strength and shed body fat. Also, it can help you prep for a race. Here are some tips for hill-running:

1. Maintain good form– shorten your stride and focus on a faster turnover; make sure to use your arms, keep your lungs open by avoiding slouching, use your abs to get your knees up

2. Start easy– Suggestion: practice running up smaller hills before starting hill-repeats on a larger incline; extend your warm-up time to allow the muscles to achieve a greater range of motion. Don’t go all-out on the first few hills but gradually build up your pace, most importantly: listen to your body.

3. Be consistent– schedule a hill-repeat workout every week to 2 weeks.

4. Run up the hill at race-pace and jog down to prep for another set

5. Wear proper running shoes– try not to wear shoes that are either too heavy or worn out to not only get the most out of your workout but to also prevent injuries






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