Cross-training for Muscle Building

Cross-training is an effective method of active recovery, especially if you want to stay off your legs the day after a work-out. Here are some muscle-building excercises:

1. Burpees– This is one of my personal favorites  because it’s a good way to tone the triceps and increase your cardiac capacity.

How to: Start with your feet hip-distance apart, place your hands on the ground and move into plank position. From there, do a push-up, and as soon as you push yourself back up, jump your feet back in towards your hands. Jump into a standing position and repeat.

I like to do 3 sets of 10-12, but make sure to start at a reasonable level for you.

2. Planks– On either your forearms or hands. Make sure to have your shoulders parallel to your hips. Also, have your feet hip-distance apart.

Option: Move your feet out one-by-one and move them in thereafter. Keep that routine going for 1minute. Repeat for 3 sets.

3. Bicycle Twists– An effective way to work out the abdominal mucles.

How to: Lay on your back. Peel your shoulder blades off the ground and bring your elbow to the opposite knee. Alternate an elbow-to-knee twist. Continue to do this for one minute. Repeat for 3 sets.

4. Push-ups in a handstand position-

This exercise not only challenges your sense of balance but strength as well. I like to use a wall to assist my balance. Try to bend your elbows as much as possible while remaining stable. Push yourself back up until your arms are no longer bent. Repeat for 30-60seconds. Effective for building shoulder, upper-back, and tricep muscles.

5. Calf-Raises– Strengthens the calf muslces

Stand on the edge of a stair, leaving your heels hanging off the stair. Push yourself onto the balls of your feet quickly and slowly lower yourself until your heels are back to the position in which they started. Repeat for 1minute and complete 3 sets.



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