Reasons to Buy a GPS Watch


Tired of running without knowing your pace, mileage, calories burned, and more? Bring all of that to an end with a GPS watch that tracks all of that information and more! The specific watch I have is the orange one shown in the picture above. Below are some reasons to invest in a running watch, whether shown in the image or not:

1. Track your pace- stay on pace to build endurance with each workout or know what pace/mile your running for a workout

2. Know how many calories your burned- Whether your training is geared toward keeping you fit, you will feel a sense of accomplishment for all the calories you burned throughout your workout. But don’t forget to replace them with healthy proteins and carbs after your workout. Yum!

3. See the mileage add up- Throughout your workout, Garmin’s GPS Forerunner 10 (and other watch brands) keep track of how many miles you have run. The watch beeps after you complete 1,609m (exactly a mile). Also, it’s a good way to stay motivated because it shows you the great distances you were able to run.

4. Virtual pacer- This feature is specific to the watch in the image above. The virtual pacer allows you to set a pace range (for example: 7:15-7:30/mile) so that you maintain the speed you want for any kind of run.

5. Keeps track of your records- Some, if not most, running watches keep track of your personal records, such as: fastest mile, 10k, 5k, etc. Stay motivated by having a watch that shows you all of your own accomplishments with running.