3200m Race Tips

Despite that it’s not the most popular high school track event to run, the 32 is the ideal event for any distance runner who likes a chllalenge. As you wade through the trial-and-error process of racing, why not explore the most effective ways to run your 8 laps? Here are some tips for running the 32:

  •  Don’t go out too hard– Let’s say you want to run the 32 in 12minutes. That means you need to run each mile in about 6min/mi. By running the first mile more conservatively than the second, you’ll have more energy left for pick up the pace at laps 5 and 6. Try to run even splits for each lap (about 1:30/lap) while focusing on picking up the pace after 2000m.
  •  Focus– 3200m is quite a long distance to run, which makes it really easy to slow down. As mentioned in #1, try to run even splits for mile 1; you just need to focus on setting the pace. Once you’re on lap 5, try to pace off of other runners because they’ll likely be picking up the pace. Laps 7 and 8 should would be the best time to pass other runners.
  • Run fast but relaxed– Running fast and relaxed may sound like opposites, but maintaining good form (not pulling your shoulders up, avoiding overstriding, good posture, etc.) throughout your race will help you breathe more efficiently and not put stress on your joints/muscles.
  • Make sure to eat and hydrate well– Schedule a time 1-1.5 hour before your race to refuel on foods that are high in carbs and glycogen. Also, make sure to hydrate throughout the day; not just right before your race.



One thought on “3200m Race Tips

  1. Between the technical diction and jargon and the coincidentally enough balanced sentences, this is the perfect, concise piece for effectively providing advice for distance runners. A solid combination of form and purpose here!


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