Post-Run Recovery Tips

Having trouble balancing challenging work-outs with recovery days? Follow the tips below to ensure you’re more prepared for your next hard session, whether it’s a distance run or all-out intervals.

1. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate– Staying hydrated will keep your legs from cramping, especially in hot weather and also help them stay malleable and lubricated.

2. Do leg drains– Prop your legs against a wall in a vertical position to help drain the blood out of your legs and replace it with clean blood.

3. Stretch– Not stretching will lead to tight muslces and a smaller range of motion. Want to be able to run farther and faster? Don’t forget to stretch before and after a run. A few stretches you can do are: holding your foot toward your lower back while your knee is bent. This will help stretch  your quadriceps. Hold for at  least 30seconds. To stretch your hip flexors, sit with your leg bent, propped against the other while it is also bent at lower than a 90degree angle. Make sure your ankle is leaning against the opposite leg and you’re sitting straight.

4. Take a hot bath– #3 really stressed keeping your muscles loose. Taking a hot bath will help your muscles relax. It would be best to do this after a run.

5. Eat a solid protein meal– Protein will help rebuild the muscles after a hard run to help you feel stronger after you have recovered.


One thought on “Post-Run Recovery Tips

  1. An ideal final class post given it’s all about what to do when the exertion is over. Point number 2 is an interesting one and one I’ll try as soon as I get back into running, which needs to be soon given how hot it’s going to get.


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