Writer’s Note: Even though I’ve had trouble determining the theme of my blog, I’ve decided that I will feature various posts relating to the art of creative writing. That way, I’m not limited to any topic or genre. I rarely write poems, but I decided to take a shot at it. Below is a poem I wrote that captures a glimpse of who I am with the theme ‘Self-expression shouldn’t be limited.’ Hope you enjoy!- Naima


Do not limit the way I express myself,

Whether they are college word limits or your impatience to listen to everything I have to say.

When I tell you about my day, let me tell you all about all those little details that play a part in the bigger picture.

Let me tell you all the silly jokes that brought a smile to my face,

Whether it takes 30 seconds to tell the punch line or five minutes.

Self-expression cannot be hindered by a meager time frame or a simple summary of who I am.

I am a conservative style of dress during the weekdays and a t-shirt and shorts on the weekend.

I am formal language when uncomfortable and colloquial talk when I’m with my friends.

I am a tanned-skin Pakistani girl who could easily pass for Syrian, Indian, or any ethnicity from the middle-East.

I am the girl who claims to know herself so well but entirely forgets when you ask, “Tell me about yourself.”

I am business professional at interviews and a passionate track athlete at practice.

I am athletic and feminine,

Powerful and graceful.

Limited yet infinite,

My thoughts cannot be confined to a word count,

Nor time frame.




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