Love this Body

Writer’s Note: This blog has encouraged me to experiment with various forms of writing, from poems and research articles, to creative short stories. I have often told my friends, “I don’t write poetry,” as they often refer to me as “the short-storyist.” But I’m getting a bit more comfortable with this form of writing, so I wrote this poem. My goal is to encourage myself, and all females, to appreciate all that their body does for them- not just what it looks like. I also wanted to speak out against our society’s exclusive perspective on what “beautiful” and “healthy” entails. With this poem, I shatter those barriers. Hope you enjoy!- Naima 🙂

Love this Body

As my eyes wander along the curves of my body, I appreciate all that it has helped me accomplish.

For the powerful legs and relentless muscles that carried me through four strong miles today, I love this body.

For the feet that carry me to the stepping stones of future successes, I love this body.

For the heart inside my chest that delivers healthy blood to every hard-working vein, I love this body.

For my feminine and athletic qualities, I am thankful. Soft, tan skin. Beautiful curves. Triceps strong enough to carry my 127-pounds on a single arm.

And let’s acknowledge the close relationship between the mind, heart, and body.

The mind overcomes doubt, which makes it feasible for the heart to attain a greater VO2 Max.

The mind and heart support the body to find new breakthroughs and reach our personal successes.

So I continue

To open new doors.

Whether it’s the entrance to an interview, or the starting-line of a race that stimulates euphoria,

This body will overcome future challenges, stomp on doubt, and carry an aura of confidence, beauty, and strength.

There is nothing more uplifting for me

Than to demonstrate the coexistence between femininity and athleticism.

I am

Curvy and strong,

Soft skin and tough heart,

Tumbling down one day but immediately getting up the next.

I am


And woman.

The billboards and magazines of stick-skinny women define such a limited view of beauty.

But I define myself.

I am not defined by a weight-scale nor measuring tape that begs for me to grow just a few inches taller.

I may be a proud 127-pounds and 5’4” tall, but I am more than numbers.

I am more than just the photo-edited image you saw in a Victoria’s Secret advertisement.

I am unedited, unlimited, and unapologetically defining my own inclusive view of beauty.

So as my eyes wander through my waist and down to my quadriceps and calf muscles,

I am reminded

to take care of this body.

For its strength,

For its femininity,

I love this body.


2 thoughts on “Love this Body

  1. Love how you can continue to experiment with your writing and still delve into the core abstract notions you want to relay to the world, theme or no theme. In fact, I would argue your new theme is freedom, demonstrated in your will to uncover truth, elaborate on the feeling of running, and ultimately being yourself. Keep it up!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks so much for your generous words, Mr. Nelson! The theme of “freedom” is very befitting, and I look forward to experimenting with more types of writing. 🙂


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