Foggy Truth

Why do we make truth seem like such a blurry matter? As I continue to weigh diverse perspectives, I find myself constantly wiping away the fog from a mirror through which I can hardly see my own reflection. I don’t know what ideas to adopt because I’m not sure which of them can be defined as “clear-cut” right or wrongs. Yes, having strong morals is a key aspect of who I am, but not being able to identify what’s right makes it difficult for me to live up to my own idea of “morality.” I’ve stepped inside so many other pairs of shoes that I lost my own in the process. Yet I continue to try on other pairs, bending and contorting them until I can finally see through that foggy mirror. I stare at the tan-skinned girl with the thick black eyebrows who stands across from me. She wears a blank look on her face, but I can tell she’s always in deep contemplation. The process of defining my own idea of morality and truth can revolutionize the self, so I’ll be patient with this reflection as she carefully tiptoes around a million points-of-view.


The mirror’s fog gradually fades, revealing the clean, transparent glass beneath it. Staring at the girl whose eyes dart around every contour of my face, I consciously acknowledge who she is. I can see her heart as it calmly pulses, asking for anyone to offer her another perspective in the hope that it’ll prevent the mirror from fogging again. But this balancing act of weighing opinions that lie on two extremes forces me to learn how to walk again. I know what I believe in, I tell myself repeatedly, but the voice of my own ideas whispers beneath the yells of the counter-argument. My head spins, eventually coming to a stop, where I find yet another foggy mirror, a girl who can hardly walk, and shoes that no longer fit. For a moment, I convince myself that I can stand, that I can find my own shoes. I insist that religion is an inarguable truth, yet I leave my heart right out on that table in front of me. It is no fault to be open to differing view-points, and my own thoughts have now blended in with the opinions of others. Maybe it’s not a problem for them to intertwine. All I’m doing is being open-minded, while discarding the cloudy label of “truth.” Let me hold onto my own values, thoughts, and opinions, while keeping my mind open to other perspectives. Let me clear the mirror of all its fog, find shoes that make this balancing act a little bit easier.





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