Like A Girl

With every mile that I run, tell me that I run, “like a girl.”

With every breathless pat on the back, tell me that I performed, “like a girl.”

With every stride, every grunt, every grimace, tell me that I work out, “like a girl.”

Because if we’re going to associate the word “girl,” with “powerful,” “relentless,” “courageous,” and more, tell me that I have the athleticism of a girl.

For the last painstaking tricep-pushup,

For the fresh beads of sweat that race down my face as I climb countless steps on the StairMaster machine,

For the pounding of a heart that refuses to give in even as my muscles scream, lungs beg for more oxygen, and veins pump healthy blood to every organ of my body,

Tell me.

Tell me that the countless obstacles I endure to achieve a better version of myself,

Paints the word “girl” all over me.

A powerful girl.

A confident girl.

A relentless girl.

I am just like a girl.


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