Reaching Adulthood

Independence is one of the greatest freedoms of adulthood. I will turn 18-years-old in a few days, and I cannot contain my excitement to become an adult. Throughout the summer, I experienced simple milestones that marked this transition, such as becoming employed and browsing for a car. Can you remember the days leading up to your 18th birthday? Or the joy of driving to your first day of work? Receiving your first paycheck? Perhaps the most liberating aspect of growing up is having the power to independently make decisions.

In these 17-year-old hands is the freedom to control my health, schedule, spending habits, and more. I imagine opening the door of my workplace, the cool air greeting me as I walk in. As a math tutor, I will have the opportunity to work closely with students and build meaningful relationships with my coworkers. I also imagine test driving my new car, or better yet, heading to my first class at George Mason University.

I am no longer a high school student. And soon, I will no longer be a minor. I cannot wait to turn 18, as I will experience new pleasures and challenges as a young adult.


8 thoughts on “Reaching Adulthood

    1. I don’t expect miracles to happen just because I’ve turned a year older. But it feels so liberating to enjoy simple pleasures of adulthood, like buying a car and going to college. Thanks for reading!

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