The Unpaved Road of Finding Employment

After I graduated from high school, I scrambled to find a job. The summer before college is the perfect time to start building a career. I assumed that getting hired was easy, confident that someone would call me for an interview. As I imagined it, I would fill out applications, get a phone call, and get the job. But lazy summer days came and left in the blink of an eye. I was still unemployed, spending my hours wondering when I would start earning my own money.


So I changed my mindset and decided I wouldn’t stop filling out applications until my hope was restored. I applied to a gym, bread shop, coffee shop, and a few retail stores. But my haste hindered me from considering meaningful work. Honestly, I didn’t want to sell clothes for eight hours a day and then wake up just to do it all over again. And I sure as anything did not want to smell like coffee after leaving work. In mid-July, my sister informed me about a job announcement she found on Facebook about a reputable math tutoring franchise.


Although I’ve never been the greatest at math, I have an enthusiasm for working with other people. It’s an opportunity to get out of head and view life from other people’s perspectives. The idea of working closely with students and making a discernible impact in their lives excited me. Now that I was considering my strengths and personal needs, I immediately sent my resume to the owner of the tutoring franchise.


Financial independence is great, but if earning money requires us to ignore our strengths and desires, it’s not worth it. I look forward to my first day of work in an environment that fosters academic progress, growth, and cooperation. And I hope that whatever you do for a living, you find fulfillment and happiness.





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