Innocence is a Child


Innocence is a child.

She laughs at silly things,

And is easily mesmerized by stories.

She believes

That good exists in all people.

Her energy is limitless,

As she hangs upside-down in staircases,

And handstands up against the wall.

She tip-toes into the kitchen,

To find a late-night dessert.

Her laughter echoes

And her bubbliness is infectious.

Innocence is a child,

And that child is me.


I sprint down the stairs,

Strike a handstand on the second step,

And pause.

Feel the heartbeat echo against an old soul,

Which inspires adult-like conduct.

She is the voice of responsibility,

And reason.

Don’t forget to wear your seatbelt.

Make sure to arrive to class on time.

She emanates wisdom,

Serving as every friend’s therapist,

and motivational speaker.

She protests injustice,

And is determined to speak truth to power.

Wisdom is an old soul,

And that old soul is me.





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