Writer’s Note: This poem captures the experience of my nighttime yoga session yesterday. In writing this piece, I consciously acknowledge my personal and innate characteristics. But what is more valuable to me is to tap into my subconscious mind and embrace the aspects of me that make me human. During my early teen years, I always felt the need to berate myself for experiencing emotions that I presumed were shameful for a woman to have, such as lust and desire. But in this poem, I encourage myself to accept that these are emotions that are an inherent aspect of the human experience. I hope to convey a theme of self-awareness, acceptance, and unabashed self-love. Thank you so much for reading. -Naima


I drag my pointed toes in front of my body,

as I walk


Poised to dance,

I slide into frog pose.

The eyes close as music fuels euphoria.

Frog pose.

Head roll.

I am human.

Standing split.


I am embracing myself.

Open up the chest.

Push the shoulders back.

Every part of me– lust, desire, and all.

Open the rib cage.

Arch the back.

This is me.

Front walkover.


I am infuriatingly, yet beautifully, human.

Camel pose.

Corpse pose.

This is me– accepting and celebrating myself.


Arms outstretched upon landing.

I am emotion and logic.

I am temptation and controlled desire.

I am human. 


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